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Deep in the Swedish forest lies one of the world's most premier tanneries.
Where: Tärnsjö, Sweden
What: Tumbled leather with natural grain - used in our soft leather bags

At Tärnsjö Garveri, the drums have been spinning since 1873. It is currently run by Axel, leading the fourth generation of leather artisans in his family. Tärnsjö offers many articles of tumbled leathers, but there was one that really stood out, the Plymå. It offered the exact qualities that we were after: soft and lightweight, yet incredibly durable. It’ll last for decades.


Where the brand was born.
Where: London, England
Who: Mattis and Niklas Oppermann, joined by a small team of freelancers and advisors

We run our operations from our Central London studio, where all product design, development and testing takes place. Naturally, London also serves as our place of everyday inspiration.


Translated as 'Artisan of leather', the name of this tannery says it all.
Where: Santa Croce, Tuscany, Italy
What: Smooth vegetable tanned leather used in all our structured bags and as trims in our soft collection.
Who: Siblings Simona, Paolo and Roberto along with 10 tanners

In the charming village of Santa Croce you’ll find our family owned tannery. The village of Santa Croce is a hub of Italian tanneries, all neighbouring each other in a community of artisans. At Artigiano del Cuoio, three siblings, Simone, Paolo and Roberto are working together to maintain their family tradition of exclusively producing vegetable-tanned leather, through a method that has been passed down for four generations.


Bag by bag, it is here our goods are made.
Where: Naples, Italy
What: The construction of our product.
Who: Alfonso and his team of 15.

The most guarded factories in the world are leather bag makers and we have to guard ours too (let us at least keep one competitive advantage!). To find the perfect factory takes plenty of searching and luckily, we were introduced to ours through a consultant who works with other luxury brands. Their specialty is in the finishing of products, where they pay particular attention to the way the leather is matched, folded, and stitched together.


Super polished, super smooth.
Where: An hour outside of Milan, Italy
What: Our zippers

Our bags are built to last, and it is essential that our zippers are the perfect choice. We chose Raccagni’s “Super R” zippers for its seamless ultra-smooth glide, elegant component design and its beautiful metal finish. Each tooth fits perfectly into another as it slides along the chain.


Metal buttons made from German steel.
Where: Bielefeld, Germany
What: Metal push buttons
Who: Martin Dolleschel and his international team

Union Knopf is one of Europe’s leading button and accessory manufacturers and has been in business since 1911. Over 100 years have gone into perfecting these brilliant buttons and we’ve chosen them for their high grade German steel, precision engineering and finely electroplated finish. These factors ensure that the buttons secure tightly so that you don’t have to worry about them coming undone. The simple function paired with top-notch quality is just what we're looking for.