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Introducing: Rover collection

Published 1 years ago

Two models stand holding grey backpack and weekend bag with London skyline behind

We’re pleased to reveal our latest range: Rover. The collection is for those seeking an everyday bag that is tailored to dynamic lifestyles, while also satisfying sartorial needs.

With an emphasis on functionality and travel-conscious features, we have worked tirelessly to design a line that answers customer demands for ‘practical luxury’.

The bags in the Rover collection aid rovers who are always on the go — be it digital nomads, jet-setters or city explorers — and can’t afford to lose time at the hands of poorly-designed products.

Man wearing stylish brown backpack next women in yellow top

The collection

The collection consists of 4 distinct bag styles that cover every situation, from a weekend getaway to a cycle to work.

Elegant and sleek, Compact Weekender is best suited for daily travel and overnight stays.

City-hopper Backpack is created with the idea of urban convenience in mind and features a handy roll-top opening for expanding or reducing volume. While Day-to-Day Backpack has a softer outline, utilising a fold-top opening with a practical front pocket for quickly accessing essentials.

The final bag in the Rover collection is Anywhere Tote: equally useful as a laptop, work or leisure bag.

So, what distinguishes the collection? A focus on accessibility and convenience. For example, the Anywhere Tote’s unique side-zipper constructions or the two backpacks’ collapsible designs. On a visual level, each bag conveys a sense of fluidity which is reflected in their soft and structured silhouettes. The result of incorporating soft, velvet-textured nubuck leather. While the colours — brown, charcoal, olive green and black — are inspired by nature and bring an organic feel.

Stylish model in white top and brown overcoat holds suave nubuck weekend bag

Why nubuck?

We opted for nubuck, a type of leather, because of its quality and unique velvety feel. Comparable to suede but more durable, nubuck is what makes the Rover bags lightweight, supple yet robust.

Traditionally, nubuck is thick with an almost oily appearance, but we wanted a more suave aesthetic. In our quest to find a different finishing method, we came across the brushing technique. The surface of the nubuck is brushed to create a suede-like sheen but the strong centre of the leather stays untouched. This way the material is visually pleasing as well as sturdy.

Each piece from the Rover collection is made from premium nubuck originating from a leading tannery in Palomares, Spain. The material is transferred to leather artisans in Portugal to shape into Rover bags

Man holds green weekend bag over shoulder with London skyline behind

The Creator's Club

When designing products, we strive for human-centric ideas. Ultimately, we want customers to ‘Carry with Confidence’ not only in stride but also in mind. That’s why we decided to involve our community in the product design process of the Rover collection.

Through an initiative named The Creator’s Club, we invited customers to test early prototypes of the bags that would eventually form the Rover range. We then took detailed surveys to gather their feedback — input that our design team used to modify and ultimately improve the bags.

We’re proud to be challenging the conventions of the luxury industry by releasing a truly customer-led collection.