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Special prices on samples, returns and more

Close-to-perfect products that deserve to see the light of day.

A waste-less approach

Repurposed represents the zero-waste philosophy in action, giving you the chance to buy returns, samples and more at special prices. 

Join the waiting list to be notified when more Repurposed stock becomes available.

Small steps to sustainability

In an industry with an overwhelming waste problem, we’re cleaning up our act. 

Let’s champion the circular economy. By participating you’re not only getting great value but also helping the planet.

Carl Friedrik

How it works

Step 1

Gather products

We collect all returns, samples and discontinued products suitable for repurposing. In our industry, these items often go to waste.

Step 2

Assign quality ratings

We judge the condition of each product and give them quality ratings (Fair, Good, Excellent or Personalised).

Step 3

Go live

We get in touch with those on the waiting list, providing exclusive access to Repurposed products.

A lifetime together awaits

With each Repurposed item backed by a lifetime guarantee, you can have full confidence in the longevity of your next purchase.

Carl Friedrik

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