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We're brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann and in 2012 we founded Carl Friedrik.*

The idea came from the both of us frustrated with the lack of well-designed, quality leather products that we wanted for ourselves or as gifts for friends.

So with our respective backgrounds in business and design, we decided to make our own. We searched high and low to find the best tanneries and most skilled artisans in the world to help us produce our first products.

Fast-forward half a decade and we've developed a collection that we believe includes some of the finest bags, wallets, and cases available. But we never settle, and keep tweaking and refining to improve with every production.

* Then Oppermann.

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Our Inspiration

Growing up in Sweden, and with Mattis background in industrial design, our inspiration was clear: Less is more and form follows function. That’s why you won’t find hundreds of pockets cluttering the design, but only the essential features that add value.

Precision goods crafted to last.

Our Leather

We choose to work exclusively with naturally tanned leather, and use it for all our products.

We love it because its production method is sustainable, its quality is unsurpassed, and its natural finish is one of a kind.

Our Formula

Each component that goes into making a Carl Friedrik product is individually selected from the best suppliers in Europe.

With full control of our supply chain we’re able to ensure the highest quality - from production processes down to the choice of thread.

Direct to You

The only way to buy a Carl Friedrik product is here and in our Royal Exchange store. By selling directly we’re able to offer the highest value as well as maintain a closer relationship with our customers.