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Leather, the natural, Italian way

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We exclusively use full-grain Vachetta leather, sourced from a single family-run tannery in the heart of Florence. A by-product of the meat industry, this type of premium leather is natural, durable and rich in complexion.

While today’s leather industry is highly mechanised and reliant on chemicals harmful to the environment, our tannery still practices the ancient, labour-intensive art of vegetable tanning.

This method utilises natural vegetable tannins — found in tree bark, leaves and roots — to turn animal hides into leather. Master artisans spend a lifetime perfecting their tannin blends, drawing on knowledge passed down through generations.

Carl Friedrik
Carl Friedrik

As it ages, our Vachetta leather softens and becomes increasingly supple, gradually exhibiting a new complexion. The natural ageing process is known as ‘patina’ and is a hallmark of quality.

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At Carl Friedrik, we aim for sustainable manufacturing. Aside from its desirable physical properties, we embrace vegetable-tanned leather because it will naturally biodegrade. Unlike chrome-tanned alternatives that spend centuries in landfill sites and cause microplastic pollution.

Carl Friedrik

The allure of Vachetta leather lies in its durability and visual presence. That's why it's the essential building block for our collection of premium everyday accessories.