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Palissy Briefcase Slim leather briefcase



A contemporary case acting as personal portfolio; an everyday companion for the modern gentleman.

Comfortably fits a 15-inch MacBook, notebook, documents and other daily essentials. A closable zip pocket stores your smaller items securely. Comes with a 40mm wide leather shoulder strap.

Width 39cm (15.4 inches)
Height 30cm (11.7 inches) excluding handles
Depth 6.5cm (2.4 inches)

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Made in Naples, Italy, by a small leather goods factory. This family business, now in its 3rd generation, lends its experience and obsession with craft to bring our products to life.

Leather Vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather by Artigiano del Cuoio.
Tuscany, Italy
Zipper Symmetrical, individually polished, silver-nickel-finished zippers from Raccagni.
Bergamo, Italy
Lining 220gsm technical nylon canvas.
Milan, Italy
Rings & hooks Custom, nickel-silver-finished hardware.
Foshan, China

Italian Vachetta leather

The traditional style leather characterised by its smooth surface and natural finish. Italian heritage.

Made in Italy

Just outside of Naples, every Carl Friedrik product is handmade by a small team of artisans - masters of their craft.

Heavy-duty Raccagni zipper

Every tooth in the zip has been individually brushed and polished before being assembled on the chain.

Customer Reviews

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Palissy Briefcase

Superlative Quality & Unbeatable Value

I spent many many months debating my purchase, after finding your products and website on Instagram.

Put simply, I love my Palissy Briefcase in Chocolate/ The quality of leather is beautiful, and after 6 months of frequent use it has aged well and retained the structure of the briefcase. I have always had difficulty finding leather briefcases that retained their shape as well as this one has. Carl Friedrik has by far exceeded any of my many other briefcases in both quality and functionality. I have several briefcases from Coach, Burberry, and Uri Minkoff, ranging from $350 to $2600, and I would strongly argue that my Palissy is the best value. It is also the perfect size—I'm able to pack my macbook air, ipad air, charging cables, etc. and basically anything I need for the day in this bag.

I also highly value knowing where each of the parts come from and are assembled. This is something that too few brands are transparent about, and I appreciate that you proudly display this information in marketing your products. It's something I am also proud of when people comment on, and ask about, my briefcase.

The only thing about my Palissy that I don't care much for is the shoulder strap: I find the leather a little too stiff, a bit too broad, and the clasps are, although a beautiful material, a little bulky. I will admit that I may be too picky in this regard; only one of my briefcases has a shoulder strap that I actually enjoy.

All in all, my Pallisy briefcase is my favourite and I look forward to using it for many years to come. I also am looking forward to my next purchase, which will either be the Palissy or Vallance in Cognac, once my current cognac bag wears out.

Keep bringing out great products like this.


Great site, easy online shopping. Great product

My Palissy Oozes Class!!

This is my purchase number 7 from your collection....I'm a loyal fan and about to make purchase number 8!!


Palissy Briefcase