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Penton Women's leather briefcase



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A sophisticated briefcase for a modern lifestyle – clean lines and traditional leather with full-featured practicality.

Internal features include one padded laptop compartment to fit up to 15-inch Macbook Pro, penholders, two smaller fabric pockets and a closable zip pocket. Externally on the backside the briefcase features an open slip pocket to conveniently keep your phone.

Width 38cm (15 inches)
Height 29cm (11.5 inches) excluding handles
Depth 6.5cm (2.4 inches)

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Ship date 05/02/2018
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Made in Naples, Italy, by a small leather goods factory. This family business, now in its 3rd generation, lends its experience and obsession with craft to bring our products to life.

Leather Vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather by Conceria Puccini Attilio.
Tuscany, Italy
Zipper Symmetrical, individually polished, silver-nickel-finished zippers from Raccagni.
Bergamo, Italy
Lining 220gsm technical nylon canvas.
Milan, Italy

We created Penton to empower the modern woman's lifestyle
– with a beautiful briefcase that gets the job done.

Time and again, we heard that finding a great women’s briefcase is a tricky endeavour. Men’s briefcases are bulky, technical and masculine, and handbags are fashion accessories rather than being functional.

Starting with the design, practicality and premium materials of our most popular product, Palissy Briefcase, we refined the details to create a women’s briefcase both beautiful and practical.

Italian Vachetta leather

Tanned using traditional methods, this Italian leather is characterised by a smooth surface and natural finish.

With time, it will age beautifully and develop a rich character unique to vegetable-tanned leather.

Limited and personalised

Working with small, artisanal factories, making each bag takes time and output is limited. That’s why our first, and only in 2017, production run of Penton is limited to 50 pieces.

To celebrate the first 50 pieces, every one will be individually numbered and personalised with your name or initials.

"We’ve been making men’s leather goods for 5 years. With Penton we offer you the same quality and design – with a distinctly feminine aesthetic."

Mattis & Niklas Oppermann

Raccagni zipper

With individually brushed and polished teeth, this symmetrical zipper creates a refined contrast to the natural leather.

Made in Italy

This product is handmade by a small team of artisans, in the country renowned for leather goods manufacturing.

Lifetime warranty

We know our products stand the test of time which is why any Carl Friedrik purchase is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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